Pet (Neuter) start at AUD$2000


Show quality POA

Price for overseas buyers will be reasonably higher due to longer preparing time and extra vet cost.


Pet/Show Neuter kitten will come


  • At least 12 weeks (no earlier than this age)

  • Vet checked

  • Desexed (No exception)

  • F3 vaccination*2

  • Microchipped

  • Dewormed*2

  • Litter trained & social trained

  • Food sample pack (Pick up and local delivery only)

  • Registerd with ANCATS, pedigree paper will be sent from ANCATS office

  • Kitten toys


Shipping cost is not included, we are happy to provide free delivery for most metro areas in Sydney, please feel free to make an appointment in advance. We can also arrange shipping for interstate and international. 


*New owner must have a proper create or carrier to pick up kitten. NOT BOX.



How to Reserve a Kitten


Firstly, the buyer must ensure your home is ready for a ragdoll, please make sure your balcony is enclosed, secured, especially for those who live in a high level floor of apartments. 

No family member dislike or feels uncomfortable with new cat(*Family member include other house pet, dog, cat, etc)

No family member is allergic to cat.


My Realestate Agent don't allow me have pet, my new house is not allow pet, my new boy friend or girl friend doesn't like cat, my wife get pregnant, she want me rehome the cat, ect. These sort of situations you have to think about before you ask me for a cat. If you think you can not sort it out, don't adopt a cat.


And, most important thing, you know responsibility. Pets are not objects, you couldn't abandon them like unwanted rubbish. I DON'T WANT TO SEE MY CAT IN SHELTER, STREET OR RESELL ADS. If you really have situation that can not keep cat anymore, please contact me ASAP. 


For buyer who is overseas student or just stay in Australia for some years


Yes, I still can consider sell kitten to you, but you need to think about once you leave Australia, how about the kitten/cat. Bring cat to overseas is not difficult, as Australia is Rabies free country, but you have to know it would be costly, normally will cost $2000 onward, NZ is cheaper. Actually I don't think $2000 is a big money for most of the people, but main question is will you willing to spend it on your cat, let him/her move overseas with you? If you answer is YES, ok, then no problem. If you answer is NO, my answer is NO as well.


Once you think you can cope all the situations above, you can join the waiting list, it's free, we don't take deposit before we think the kitten could for sale. If you see we have avaialble kitten, just send me email directly.


When you decided to purchase a certain kitten, Deposit is required. For Pet neuter is $200, for Show neuter is $500. Deposit is non-refundable, if you change your mind, deposit will not refund, so thinking before place deposit.


All payment must be clear before the kitten before desexed. 

After purchase a kitten from us


Please keep in touch, don't just like disappear on the Earth. I don't ask buyer give me kitten update everyday, but please give me some news about the kitten, even once a year, no matter is good news or bad news.


Again, once you really really can't keep him/her any longer, like health issue, family issue, please contact me. If you find a good home for the kitten/cat by yourself, please also let me know the new owner's contact method. Don't worry, I won't harass anybody, but I need to know where is my kitten. Also, if new owner has questions, I'm always here for help.


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