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About us

We are Esther & Lance from Everdolls Ragdolls in Sydney, hobby ragdoll breeders since 2013. Our vision is to breed top quality healthy, beautiful and well socialized ragdoll kittens. Everdolls Ragdolls is registerd with ANCATS, TICA and CFA. All our kittens are born and raised in our home, none of them has ever been caged. They are all members of our family and living in a loving and relaxing home. 


We are not breeding a large quantity of 'okay' quality kittens all year round, we'd rather breed a limited amount of top show quality kittens. Breeding perfect ragdoll kittens is the one and only goal of Everdolls. We keep collecting premium ragdoll lineages from overseas to improve our own breeding program. 




Our Specialty

We breed all colors, seal, blue, red, cream, also has small program for chocolate and lilac, not too much, but occasionally.


We only breed mitted and bicolor, some with lynx. 

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