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We know it may offend some cat lovers, but still we feel obliged to let everyone know that keeping a pet is a 15-20 years promise, please be prepared before making that promise. If you are interested in making a reservation of one of our upcoming litters
It is important to read all the information on this page.



*Our breeding cats and kittens are all registered and DNA tested, test report from the lab can be provided.


*We are a closed cattery, we do not provide stud services. 


*We feed our cats and kitten with premium quality food. 

  Dry food: include but not limited to Royal Canin Babycat/Kitten, Royal Canin Ragdoll (Adult), Ziwipeak, Feline Natural Freeze dried food

  Wet food: include but not limited to Ziwipeak, Feline Natural fresh beef and assorted raw meat.


*No cage, however ragdolls are strictly indoor cats as their docile and non-aggressive personality makes it hard for them to fend for themselves outdoors.


*We do early spay/neuter for all pet home kittens. Undesexed kittens are for ethical registered breeders ONLY.



Pet Quality Mitted From AUD $2000, Bicolor From AUD $2500

Show Quality alter POA

*Price vary depends on color, pattern and lineage. 

Show/Breed POA only for ethic registered breeder

*We do shipping(entire) to overseas. Alter pet only to Singapore.

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